We are number 1!

We absolutely love going to first birthday parties and christenings, there is nothing more exciting than attending someone's first ever party. Whether it be for a christening, a first birthday party or even a third birthday party we always have a great time. There is so much excitement in the room, lots of family around, a whole wide range of ages that make the party wonderful start to finish.

Christening Parties

Christening parties are a great time to get an entertainer. We usually we suggest a walkabout entertainer, someone to mix and mingle & walkabout at the party. We have found in the past that at christening parties there is a huge age range of children from 0 -12 years old so more 'traditional' entertaining with games and a magic show is not as much of a hit. With a walkabout entertainer they come with their box of tricks and walkabout the party tailoring their act for each kid (or indeed adult) that they meet. They start off with balloon modelling, magical bubbles, puppets, some close up magic, simple games etc. They will meander through the party and keep everything going smoothly. If you need the children brought off to the side whilst the adults are eating of course we can accommodate that too. Normally this type of entertainer does not come with large music and sound system as they are a more low key performer.  Of course, as with all Alakazam parties the entertainment can be tailored to suit your style and taste! 

What often works well is to have the entertainer at the venue welcoming everyone into the party after the church. This way the children are already warmed up to the idea of a performer...and it can be quite fun entertaining the grown ups as they come into the party- a change of pace from the service! Prices start at £130 for a one hour party.

1st Birthday Parties

Similar to the Christening parties, 1st birthday parties usually have a wide range of ages in attendance. We recommend also starting off the1st birthday parties with some mix and mingle/ walkabout style entertainment at the start to get everyone into the spirit of the party. After the first hour of walkabout fun (depending on the size of your party) we can bring music and a parachute and play some gentle games with bubbles and a large silk parachute. These games always go down a treat and the wonder on the faces of the younger children is always a joy to watch. The good thing about having a large age range is that the entertainer will ask the older kids to be the helpers, therefore not alienating them as they are playing games more suited to a younger crowd. In the past we have found that this way everybody feels included in the games. Prices start at £140 for a one hour party.

2 & 3 Year Old Parties

When it comes to a slightly older crowd we have more options. We can of course offer a similar style of entertainment with a walkabout entertainer but there are more options available as well. The entertainer can come and do a very gentle version of a party. Starting off with some simple 'follow me' games, mostly sat on the ground with little movement (we don't need a huge space for these parties) mixing in singing, puppets, bubbles and of course the famous parachute. These parties are more about the children watching a show and participating... we encourage the parents to stay close by as well and participate in the games. These parties are very sweet and can take place in your living room. We tailor the party to the children on the day so if these particular three year olds are more boisterous then we can change the party as we go along. Lovely simple parties that the quieter and younger children will love. Prices start at £120 for an hour and £200 for 2 hours.


To capture the special moments at a party, a professional children's photographer might be a good idea-  print them, frame them or keep them all on Instagram!

A Face Painter. Children of all ages love to get their face painted, or a tattoo on their arm- just mind the fancy clothes!

"Cake, everybody loves cake". As Donkey says in the Shrek film, cake always goes down a treat. From a pile of beautifully decorated cupcakes to the most elaborate birthday cakes...perfect!

Presents. What a lovely way for everyone to remember your party and the special day. Personalised gifts and party bags- for old and young alike!