Themed Parties


If you want to make your party extra special you can also theme the entire thing start to finish.  Not only will our entertainer come in character but the music, the games, the prizes etc will all be themed as well. 

Princess Party 

A wonderful Princess will come to the party and go through princess training involving all of your favourite princesses and music from all of the films. You will be introduced to an incredible princess at the start of the party and she will need the help of all the children to find her Prince Charming. The fairytale princess will be beautiful and very silly,  the party will be jam packed with magic, songs with lashings of fairy dust for good measure. 

Pirate Party

Are you ready for a swashbuckling adventure? Your madcap pirate will come to the party as a hilarious, slapstick pirate looking for new mates to go on an treasure seeking mission. The party will be full of challenges such as walking the plank, crocodile statues, shrinking islands and of course the search for treasure gold. A great party for a mixture of ages... just see if you are pirate enough to get a certificate of piratey'ness at the end of the party! 

Science Party 

For all of your clever clogs a science party can make a great change. Our wacky scientist will arrive at the party and need help to find out where he has left his potions, how to travel in time and of course how to make the best birthday cake using the power of his mind! a great opportuntiy to get your specs, notepads ned lab coats at the ready.

Superhero party

A great party for anybody that loves Marvel, Superheroes, superpowers and indeed anything super! With a choice of Superhero characters to choose from this entertainer will come to the party in full outfit and will put the children through their paces to see how has the most potent powers. From flying tricks to slow motion races, laser beams and flying cobwebs these parties are on not to be missed. 

Circus and Sports themed parties

A must for the competitive and challenge driven children, this party works better if we have a large space to play in. The entertainer comes with a whole host of sports day games and challenges from egg and spoon races, coconut shy, tightropes, juggling, hula hoops and more. This party is even better if the adults get involved and the medal ceremony at the end will make sure that everyone gets a medal to take home with them.