Restaurants & Shopping Centres


Here at Alakazam we provide entertainers and performers for shopping centres and restaurants all the time. 

All the entertainers can be booked as solo performers or indeed as dynamic duos, working together creating a show and a spectacle in your venue. We have contracts with certain restaurants in London where we entertain the guests around the tables as they wait for their table. A great addition to either attract families to the restaurant or to keep people happy and entertained as they wait to be seated. 

For shopping centres we normally attend a specific events such as turning on the Christmas lights, Halloween fun, Valentines Day etc. We have a variety of performers that can create characters specifically for the event in question. So If it is the opening of a new shop or just a celebrating  'Back to School' we are delighted to be part of the event... that's what we do!


  • Walkabout balloon modellers (wandering around the tables making balloons for everyone at their seat)
  • Flair and juggling bar men (professional flair and juggling artists to make drinks in style) 
  • Human statues (normally situated at the front door, the choices are endless!) 
  • Comedy Paparazzi (comes with red carpet and ropes, adding an air of exclusivity as your guests enter the restaurant)
  • Magicians (walkabout the table with a variety of close up magic and illusion work)
  • Caricaturist (set up in a corner they can create incredible artwork for each table or group of diners)
  • Face Painters (a discreet form of entertainment that is always a hit!)


  • Walkabout stilt walkers ( n every style you can imagine, light up fairies through to singing Christmas Tree's, Olympic inspired etc)
  • Mascot Characters (choose a style of mascot and I am sure we can source it for you)
  • Walkabout Specific characters (have something specific in mind? A Life guard to 'rescue' people? A comedy cupid? a Frank Sinatra style Christmas Crooner... the list goes on)
  • Santa Claus and helpers (Santa Claus can come on his own, or with elves to help him out. Set up in a Grotto for several week or just for one day, the choice is yours)
  • Face painters and Balloon Modellers (these two performers can be tailored to your event. e.g only St Patricks day colours, golden Jubilee events etc)
  • Arts and Crafts Table (set up so that children of all ages can make something and take it home with them, a big hit in shopping centres all across the UK
  • Cupcake decoration (fantastic cupcakes that everyone will enjoy decorating, taking home and of course eating!
  • DJ, lights, Karaoke and Music (This is a good one if you have a large event; the DJ can set up and give shout outs, play some tunes and get people moving!)