Puppet Shows


All Alakazam parties can include some form of puppets- generally being pretty naughty and messing about during lunch time. 

But if you want the real deal, if puppets are definitely your thing- then we have some amazing puppet shows that last 45-55 minutes.

In that time the audience will be captivated and transported to a land of make believe, imagination and magic. They will go home having laughed their socks off! The show will involve lots of audience interaction ((especially laughing), songs, shouting out and lots of naughty puppets. They are wonderful for children from 3 up to 103 and are sure to entertain the grown ups as well!

Puppet shows may seem a bit old fashioned these days, but don't discount how entertaining they can be for little kids. These puppet shows have the ability to complete engross children for long periods of time, and can make them laugh or scream out loud. You'll be amazed at how they can become engrossed with our crazy cast of puppets.  

The Puppet show does not need a huge amount of space, but plenty of room for the audience to sit comfortably ( pillows and cushions are perfect!)