fun for everyone

Games and Challenges

A specific wedding entertainer will come and play games with everybody together. The choice of games is up to you. They could play more traditional games such as egg and spoon races, pin the tail on the donkey, piñata, limbo etc.  Or they could do more wacky kinds of games such as the wrap battle (who can wrap a person up as a wedding gift the fastest) or making a wedding cake out of whipped cream. The games can be as tame as you like- with the capacity to go off the wall. A great addition to a party so that people can get to know one and another-  or even at the post wedding BBQ the following afternoon! Prices start at about £200.

Garden Games

These games can be set up in the morning so that you have all day to enjoy the use of them. We have everything from mini golf, Massive Jenga, Chess Sets, Ring Toss, Croquet, Twister, Connect 4, Naughts and Crosses and more. A lovely idea to get people smiling before the wedding has even begun. These games are generally for outdoor use but can adapted to play indoors as well Prices per item vary but they start about £30 per game.

Sweet treats and popcorn

A popular option for after the church and before the reception is having a candyfloss or popcorn machine at your wedding. Alternatively we can bring some more substantial food such as food trucks as well. The carts come fully equipped so that no-one will be empty handed and our server will look after every guest individually. If you would like something more elaborate we can set up a large table with sweet treats from cakes, mini meringues, cake pops, ferrero rocher tables, and of course the classic chocolate fountain. All options and dietary options can be catered for. Prices start at £120.


A great option for any kind of party are our fantastic caricature artists. There are two options: have the caricaturist attend the wedding and they can walk about the party capturing individual people or small groups of two or three and create a stunning portrait so that they will never forget your day. The alternative is that you send our artist a photo of yourself and your partner so that our caricaturist creates a personalised work of art of the two of you on your special day. Prices start at £150.