Kids at Weddings

Arts & Crafts Table

A whole host of arts and crafts activities set up for the children to make, paint, stick, glue, glitter and more. They get to take home anything they make or you could have an art wall at the wedding set up to display the works of art. An artist will be there helping the children to make puppets, crowns, swords and more. Prices start at £200 for 2 hours of arts and crafts fun

Party Boxes

You can order the most beautiful party boxes for every guest under 16 years old. The boxes can be tailor designed and bespoke to your wedding style and taste. The boxes are jam packed with fun things for the children to do and also look beautiful. Boxes start at £15 upwards

Inflatables and Bouncy Castles.

If your wedding has an outdoor space perhaps you could book some bouncy castles or soft play to keep the younger kids entertained. The castles start at 12 foot x 12 foot and I have no doubt that the older 'kids' will be bouncing all night long! click here for more information.

Balloon Modellers

We have top of the range balloon artists working for Alakazam. They will astound you, no matter what age you are. They will walkabout the tables/garden at the wedding and make corsages, hats, animals, aliens climbing up your arm and more. They are an act unto themselves and will leave you speechless and laughing your sock off. These are are not just balloon dogs, this is a whole new level! Prices start at £160 for an hours of top class balloon modelling.


If you have lots of space perhaps you could have a petting farm at the wedding. A really fun activity for all ages. The animal handler will come to the party and bring all manner or large and small animals, the children will be able to groom, feed and pet the animals whilst learning all about them. You can also have several ponies at the wedding. children under the age of 10 will be able to ride the ponies around the venue one by one and we have no doubt that it will go down a treat. Click here for more info.

Walkabout Entertainers

This is the most popular item we have for weddings. The entertainer will arrive at an opportune moment during the wedding (normally whilst the speeches/ dinner are taking place) and entertain the children. They will start off with some mix and mingling entertainment and then if we have an area or a room to the side we can take the children and do all manner of fun things. Magic shows, games, music (optional of course) balloon modelling, puppets, bubbles and more. A great way to keep the younger children occupied during the wedding- but more fun than a babysitter! Prices for one entertainer start off at £130 for an hour.

Cupcake Decorating

A fun idea for any kind of party. Our very entertaining cupcake decorating experts will set up a large table full of cupcakes, icing, decorations, glitter and piping bags in every colour. You can choose to eat your cupcake straight away or place them into our beautiful boxes to take away with you. If you prefer all the decorations can be tailored to match the colours of your wedding. Cupcake decorating workshop starts at £180. Click here for more information