Face Painting

Birthday Parties

  • Face Painting is a great hit for all kinds of parties. The Face Painter will usually set up on a table and chairs and they will bring all the equipment they need along with them.

  • For Birthday Parties they can set up in a corner and paint each child's face in any way they like. From pirates to a beautiful princess; from dragons to dalmatians they really can paint ANYTHING. There is also the option to have realistic stage/film make up as well, including scars and cuts to make anybody look tough.  
  • Our face painters can also bring temporary and glitter tattoos along to the party, if someone doesn't want to have their face painted, then a temporary tattoo is always an option! 
  • Our professional painters are top class and CRB checked. They can do about 12- 15 full children's faces in an hour. Prices start at £80 for an hour and £140 for two hours.


  • Our face painters can be set up anywhere you like and can either do a full face design ( for adults or children) or only offer half face designs which take less time... this way they can get even more faces painted within the slot. 
  • Face Painters can work solo or in pairs. Depending on how many people you expect at your event it can be great to have two painters for 2 hours instead of one face painter for 4 hours.
  • At an adult event our incredible painters can do about 15-20 half faces and tattoos in an hour or 10 full faces. Prices start at £80 for an hour and £140 for two hours

professional body painters

We have top end, professional body painters available who can come to your corporate event or party. If you personally would like to be body painted we can arrange that for you. Or you can hire one of our beautiful performers and they will be painted at your event. You can choose a theme for the design or leave it up to us to blow you away. Perhaps they could be painted in your company colours to launch a new product, we have been asked to attend lots of marketing parties, and it is always a huge hit.  Prices on demand