Petting Farms

If you fancy bringing some animals to your party we have two sorts of mobile petting farms that will be ideally suited to your event.

The Mini Farm: is a mixture of about 10-12 small animals such as rabbits, birds, lambs, piglets, mini pigs, hedgehogs and more depending on the time of year. These animals will arrive then and be set up with a personal handler who can explain each animal,  pass them around so that you can feed them, groom them etc.- Prices start at £400 for several hours.

Midi Farm: If you would like larger animals such as ponies, donkeys, sheep, pigs, cows come to your event we can do that too. Again all animals will come with handlers and they will set up individual pens and gates so that your guests can introduce themselves individually. Prices start at £600 for several hours.

Pony Rides

For outdoor events we can provide special party ponies. You can hire one or two ponies to come to your party to entertain your guests. They will arrive with all the necessary equipment; saddles, hats, food, bridles etc. Everyone at the party can then have a ride on the ponies and take a trip around the park for as long as you want! At the same time you can have a small Shetland pony at the party that you and the children can be grooming, feeding and petting so that the wait will not take too long. A truly magical activity for any party that is sure to be talked about for months to come. Prices for two ponies for an hour start at £340 and for two hours is £400